Canadian Winters with Baby

I was going to save this post for next winter, because it’s March and it’s Spring now, right? 

WRONG. Canadian Winters. I have a special word for them that I won’t put down in writing. I don’t like winter, and I live in Toronto, so I barely even have to deal with winter. We visit our hometown, Peterborough, during the winter months and put up with it. We visited my Dad and Step-Mom in Midland (north of Barrie) and got a taste of actual winter (I’m talking 8-foot snowbanks) and vowed to never go there in winter again. Today, March 10th, saw a high of -3 that felt like -13. We went out for dinner and walked to the restaurant in -9 (but felt like -20) weather. 

What the heck, mother nature???

So, screw it. Here’s how Olly and I deal with these ridiculous temperatures. 

In the Stroller

I make sure Olly has socks, warm pants, and a long sleeve onesie on. In slightly warmer weather than what we saw today, I’ll put a sweater on him, plusboots, mittens and a hat. I strap him into the stroller and then wrap two heavy blankets around him. I’m too cheap to spend $150+ on a stroller bag. 

On colder days, like today, I’ll skip the sweater, but put him in either his snowsuit (which is so warm, but a pain in the butt) or a Bunting outfit (is that even how you say that?) Then add mittens and a hat.

In the Carseat

Things get tricky when he’s in the carseat. I always make sure he has a sweater on, but even that makes the buckles tricky. Luckily, baby companies make these awesome things that are like sweaters for the carseat! They can get pretty pricey, but we went with an economic option – the Jolly Jumper Deluxe Sneak-a-Peak

In the Carrier 

Things get real interesting when I’m wearing Olly in the carrier. There are a few ways this can be done:

  1. Wear baby inside your coat.
  2. Wear baby outside your coat.

I always go with option 1. I get Olly dressed warmly – a long-sleeved onesie, warm pants, socks, mitts, and a hat – and I wear a long-sleeved shirt. I put the carrier on and get Olly strapped in. Then I put my coat on. My coat won’t fit around both of us, though, and I won’t buy one of those coat extenders that they charge an arm and a leg for (did I mention how cheap I am?) so I got this instead – the Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover. This thing is great! It wraps around Olly’s arms and legs and keeps him so toasty! It also has suits on the side so that I can slip my hands in, either to get warm or to check that he’s warm enough. 

I swear I had more photos of this. Oh well – you get the idea! 

I haven’t tried wearing him outside of my coat yet. I do get quite a chill having my coat open all the time, but I deal. If I wore him outside of my coat, I’d have to put him in Bunting and then adjust my carrier to compensate for the extra bulk on me and on him, and that all feels like too much work when I know I can wear him inside my coat fairly easily. 

Winter sucks, but when you’re a new mom and you’re home all day with just an infant for company, you just have to get out of the house when temperatures might otherwise keep you inside. If you don’t have extra cash for the prettier cold weather accessories like JJ COLE (oh, JJ COLE, if I were rich, I’d buy all your products), you can try to work with what you have at home, and see what Jolly Jumper has available (because they make everything affordable). 


One thought on “Canadian Winters with Baby

  1. BelieveMeBaby says:

    Wow.. good on you for dealing with the intense winter economically! I live in India and we have the opposite problem here with summer kicking in now. The only way to wear my son in a soft structured carrier so that he doesn’t become a sweat ball is maybe just in a diaper or something :p

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