The Naptime Dilemma 

Maybe I’m the only mom who finds naptime so challenging… But I suspect I’m not. There are babies out there who will sleep for an hour or more, undisturbed, and their moms may not experience this dilemma to the degree that I do. 

My baby will only sleep for 30 minutes if left alone. He will sleep for up to an hour and a half if I lie next to him and soothe him back to sleep when he stirs. So, here is where the dilemma comes in – do I stay with him and make sure he sleeps for longer than 30 minutes, or do I take those 30 minutes and do something with them? 

Like, get some dishes done? Or do some accounting? Or tidy up? Or fold laundry? Or try to trim his finger nails? Or do I have a shower? Or eat lunch? (Ooooh, speaking of lunch… I should probably do that.) Or work on my blog (wink wink)? 

If I stay with him, there’s a chance that I could also take a nap, myself. This is often very tempting, however, it can take up to 45 minutes for me to fall asleep, because I will inevitably lie in bed thinking about all the things I could and maybe should be doing while he peacefully sleeps. (Like right now, as previously mentioned, I should probably eat lunch… Or do our accounting, or do the dishes…) And then all I have left for sleep is 20-45 minutes and that just never seems to be enough.

There are just so many things to do in the course of the day, and so little time to do it. True – I can try to do most of those things while he’s awake. But he will most certainly get fussy at the worst time and I will need to tend to him, and suddenly a simple task like doing the dishes seems to take all day. 

Oh, naptime. You promise so much opportunity, but never follow through. 


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