New Baby Essentials – Clothing and Textiles

This is Part 3 of the New Baby Essentials Series. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

clothing and textiles

Koala Baby Diaper Shirt

For the baby that does not enjoy being manhandled into onesies, this style of onesie can make life a whole lot easier for mom and dad. Koala Baby uses fabric that is soft, gentle and slightly thicker than your average onesie material, so it helps keep baby warm in those first weeks.

Lulujo Bamboo Muslin Blanket

These Muslins are so soft! It was a joy to swaddle Olly in this blanket and I had no fears about the fabric touching his bare skin. He never got heat rash, as he sometimes did with other Muslins. And the size of the blanket was perfect for swaddling him as a newborn, and still is today, 8 months later!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Stage 2

Summer Infant’s Swaddlers a great! We skipped past the Stage 1 swaddlers and went right to Stage 2. They were super helpful for us noobs who couldn’t swaddle properly to save our lives during the first few weeks of Olly’s life. Pictured below: Olly swaddled in his SwaddleMe Stage 2, soaking up some rays to help relieve his jaundice.


Kushies Terry Newborn Socks

The only socks that will stay on your newborn’s feet. Guaranteed.

Juddlies Scratchmitts

The softest anti-scratch mittens I’ve found. I’ve read some reviews that said these were too large for newborn hands, but we never had issues with Olly.

Garanimals Receiving Blankets

Garanimals is a brand exclusive to Walmart and is super affordable. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of most of their products. Their receiving blankets are very soft after their first wash. Pictured below: Brand new Olly, wrapped up in a Garanimals Receiving blanket, being snuggled by Grandpa. 


Garanimals Bassinet Fitted Sheet

Again, surprised by the qaulity, given the excellent price. Nice and soft!

Garanimals Microfiber Fitted Crib Sheet

See above.


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