New Baby Essentials – Bath and Gear Accessories

This is Part 2 of the New Baby Essentials Series. Read Part 1 and Part 3.

bath and gear

Dapple Fragrance Free Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid

This stuff is liquid gold when it comes to getting rid of milk residue. I won’t wash our bottles with anything else!

Boo Bamboo All Natural Baby Lotion

This lotion is so silky smooth, and is the only thing that has helped Olly’s eczema flare-ups.

Boo Bamboo All Natural Baby Wash and Shampoo

In an effort to prevent Olly’s eczema, we’re also using Boo Bamboo Baby wash.

Koala Baby Washcloths

These washcloths are nice and soft and very gentle on your brand new baby’s delicate skin.

The Mommy Hook

I received two of these as gifts, and almost returned one because I figured there was no way I would need two. However, I ended up putting one on either side of my stroller, and this has helped keep things balanced when I take Olly to get groceries. These hooks are so strong and sturdy! I won’t ever buy anything else, and I’m pretty sure I won’t need to.

4FOLD Threads Carseat Cover

I discovered this small business after admiring a friend’s carseat cover. My friend had very good things to say about her cover, so I checked them out. They had a wide variety of patterns to choose from, but there was one that I knew Alex would appreciate, and I was sold.

I love supporting small/local businesses (keep an eye out for an upcoming post on this topic). This carseat cover can also function as a nursing cover, and swaddle, and a shopping cart cover. It has come in handy so many times since Olly was born, and the quality of the fabric and the workmanship is beautiful!

Visit their website by clicking on the product title above to learn more about this small business! Pictured below: Alex proudly strolling Olly and our Avengers cover around the mall.



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