The Struggle Is Real

I was sitting in my living room just now , working on another post, and I suddenly realized that I haven’t brushed my teeth today. I’ve been out running errands. I’ve managed to do the dishes and feed my child. But brushing my teeth just escaped me. 

I’d love to tell you how often this happens to me, but the exact frequency would be more than a little embarrassing. It’s not always brushing my teeth – sometimes it’s taking my pills. Sometimes it’s changing out of pyjamas and into actual clothing. As I think about it now, most days I manage to do one of those three things. On good days, I manage two out of three! But rarely all three. 

The struggle is real, friends. I know so many moms who seem to have it all together, and it might seem like I have it all together sometimes too. But we all have our challenges. (Showering! Showering is my biggest challenge.) I just wanted to say to all my fellow moms out there: it’s ok. It’s ok that you forgot to brush your teeth before you went out to get groceries. It’s totally cool if you haven’t showered in a few/five days. Is your child fed? Clean? Clothed? Yes? Good. You’re doing the best you can do. 

Oh, and “Sleep when baby sleeps” is bull. There’s too much s*%t to get done, thank you very much. 


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